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Labat Asia Pvt Ltd was founded by Mr. Tarlochan Dev in collaboration with Labat International SRL, Italy with the aim/vision of helping audiology practice through advance technology. Labat’s products are synonymous with trust that thousands of hearing healthcare practitioners place in its products for delivering smiles to millions of patients everyday. Labat’s range of best Audiometers, Auditory Evoked Potential Systems (BERA/ASSR), OtoAccoustic Emission Systems (OAE) and Impedance Audiometers (Tympanometers) are helping people around the world hear better.

Approximately one third of people over 65 years of age are affected by disabling hearing loss. The prevalence in this age group is greatest in South Asia, Asia Pacific and sub-Saharan Africa. Labat had the product and Asian region had the need. Mr. Tarlochan Dev with more than three decades of experience and expertise established Labat Asia to cater to the growing need of hearing screening and hearing diagnostic equipment in Asian region.

With the vision of enabling audiological health care practitioners achieve most accurate results and fittings, Labat Asia developed the best audiometer for Pure Tone Audiometry (PTA) in India. Whether you are looking to buy Audiometer for PTA or Auditory Evoked Potential System (BERA/ASSR) or OtoAccoustic Emission Systems (OAE) or Impedance Audiometers (Tympanometers), Labat is the name to trust.

Labat is the first global brand in the segment of Audiology Equipment Manufacturing to have its direct presence in India. Rated one of the best manufacturers in India for Audiometers Labat Asia now has presence in 14 countries. Labat International has worldwide representations with successful partnerships in many countries where it has established itself as a reliable name for Oto Acoustic Emission Systems (OAE), Auditory Evoked Potential Systems (BERA/ASSR) and Impedance Audiometers (Tympanometers).

Labat Asia manufactures the best Pure Tone Audiometer in India with Speech Tests, Masking, SISI, ABLB, Tone Decay Test, Stenger, Lombard, High Frequency Audiometry and Free Field Tests and other special tests including Tinnitus mapping/ matching

Besides manufacturing the best clinical audiometers for Pure Tone Audiometry (PTA), Labat Asia is a dependable name for best OtoAccoustic Emission System (OAE), Auditory Evoked Potential Systems (BERA/ASSR) and Screening Impedance Audiometers (Tympanometers) in India.

State Of The Art R&D

Labat Asia has a R&D lab equipped with latest advanced digital technology infrastructure managed by experienced technocrats with international exposure. This takes Labat products to the next higher levels of performance and precision diagnosis. The R&D cell adopts a systematic 3 – Dimensional approach, wherein the focus is on innovation, technological excellence and process. In this approach, focus is on both ‘Product Innovation” as well “Process Innovation”. It is this diffusion of technological innovation that puts Labat products into a category that is very stable in performance and at the same time very affordable. As such R&D is oriented around efficiency, reliability, & user convenience.

All the new products have been developed and enhanced with latest in the field of technological innovation, after years of research & development (R&D) at Labat Asia’s state of the art R&D Lab.

Labat products are systematically designed, developed and tested before clinical use. All products of Labat ranging from Audiometers, Auditory Evoked Potential Systems (BERA/ASSR), Oto-Accoustic Emission Systems (OAE), and Impedance Audiometers (Tympanometers) pass through different layers of stability and performance oriented tests before they are finally ready for commercial production.

Service Network

Labat Asia has a dependable after sales service network spanning across every corner of India. Labat’s calibration lab with sound proof room provides acoustically ideal environment for providing precision repairs, calibrations and quality checks before shipping any device to the customer. In order to provide even better services to its customers and to come closer to them; Labat Asia also has established two more service centres in East and South India.

Labat Asia has its field staff posted in different locations of the country besides having full-fledged service centres at Mohali, Mumbai, Kolkata and Bangalore.

Whether you are looking forward to buy completely digital Audiometer in India or a Tympanometer with Thermal Printer or a Tympanometer for measuring IPSI Reflexes, Labat has a product for all your needs.