Clinical Middle Ear Analyzer, The “all-inclusive” device

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Product Information

Brand/Model: R36M
Model No. : R36M
Dimensions: L x W x H: 370 x 290 x180 mm , Net weight: 3.5 kg
Environmental Storage Temperature: -20° C up to +50° C
Opertaing Temperature: +15° C up to +35° C
Operating Relative Humidity: Up to 90%, (non-condensing)

Product Features

(Choice of Transducers and Special Earphone Cups)
*Optional - Local speech words Programing possible as per user provided audio files for local speech words.

Product Tests

Acoustic Reex Acoustic Reflex Latency Test (ARLT*) ETF (Intact, Perforated and Patulous)
Multifrequency Tympanometry Quick test: check Reflex Decay
screening and Decay Special tests (Growth-DLI and Non-acoustic) Tympanometry

Standard Accessories

Built-in fast thermal printer Calibration cavity with probe holder DD45 for Contra (R26M-ME excluded)
Device dust cover Headband (R26M-ME excluded) Insert for Contra (R36M and R36M-PT only)
Kit of assorted ear tips; size from 6 mm up to 15 mm Multilingual Quick user’s handbook Pen Drive
Power supply cable (110 – 220 V) Probe 226 Hz or Probe HF (R26M-PT and R36M-PT only) Probe cleaning tool kit
Probe handle Resonance® MDS software with NOAH® module included (demo version) Spare fuse
Thermal paper roll

Product Other Information

Acoustic Reflex Tests Reflex test method: Threshold, Automatic, Manual
Stimulus duration: 0.5, 1 or 2 sec
User selectable protocols for all test methods
Ipsi or Contralateral stimulation for all reflex test
Automated peak search functions available for all test methods
Manual Reflex: Pump manual control of all stimuli
Reflex Decay: Threshold, Automatic, Manual
Stimulus duration: 10 or 20 sec
ARLT*: Threshold, Automatic, Manual
Stimulus duration: 1 sec. fixed
Non-Acoustic*: 10/20 sec
Admittance Measurements Compliance range at 226 Hz: 0.05 up to 7 ml
Sensitivity scale: Autoscale to appropriate range; available scale at 226 Hz: 1.5, 2, 5 or 7 ml
Compliance range at 678, 800 and 1000 Hz: 0 to +25 mmho
Sensitivity scale HF: Autoscale to appropriate range, available scales at 678, 800 and 1000 Hz: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 mmho
Air Pressure Control: Automatic and Manual
Range: from +400 up to -600 daPa * from +200 up to -400 daPa *** both adjustable in 50 daPa steps
Pressure accuracy: ±10 daPa or ±10%
Sweep rate: 50, 100, 200, 300 daPa/sec and automatic
Indicator: Measured value is displayed
Safety limitations: -800 up to +600 daPa
Frequency & Intensity Ranges :- Ipsilateral Pure tone level range (dB HL) from 50 to 110
Noise level range (dB SPL) from 50 to 100
Frequency: 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 Hz
Noise: BBN, HP or LP
Frequency accuracy: ±1%
Harmonic distortion (THD): less than 3%
Intensity Range 226 Hz: 85 dB SPL ± 2dB
678, 800 and 1000 Hz: 75 dB SPL ± 2 dB
Frequency Accuracy: ± 0.5%
Harmonic distortion: Less than 1%
Probe Tone 226 Hz for Admittance (Y) curve tympanometry
1000 Hz for Admittance (Y) curve tympanometry with added Susceptance (B) and Conductance (G) curves

for more technical and hardware specifications contact at: coordinator@labatasia.com