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Labat always stand by you. Proudly introduces a Covid Ready Audiometer with total Touch Free Operations

About Us

Not so long ago, hearing disorders were neglected as an ailment but not anymore. And rightly so because, 1 to 2 babies in every 1,000 are born with permanent hearing loss in one or both ears. There is at least 1 birth in every 100 babies born who spend more than 48 hours in intensive care. Infants who are deaf or hard of hearing need the right support, care, and very early intervention to promote healthy development of the baby. If the hearing status is not identified early in life, it may have negative effects on the baby's communication and language skill development leading to adverse effect on the child's academic achievement and socio-emotional development.

Two third of the adult population above 65 years of age is also suffering from some kind of hearing loss. And the increasing use of ear phones in the modern lifestyle is causing the partial or complete hearing loss in younger generations To address these unmet needs and provide Value-for-Money solutions.

Labat Asia was incepted in the year 2010. It was started as a trading partner of Labat International, Italy by Tarlochan Dev (Founder & Managing Director, Labat Asia Private Limited). Immediately after its inception, Labat Asia realized that in order to remain technically competitive, the company must enhance the specifications of the product range offered by Labat International.
As a result, Labat Asia kick started its own in-house R&D in the year 2012 to add more features to its specifications and also develop & manufacturer these import substitute products indigenously.

With vast sales and service network and the unmatched science and engineering behind it, Labat, today, has quite a good range of hearing screening/hearing diagnostic products already developed and some more are in the pipeline to come out very soon.


Labat always stand by you

In these difficult times of Covid-19, Labat did not sit quietly. Rather its R&D worked hard and came out with a product you would really love under Covid times.

Labat is happy and proud to announce the INDUSTRY FIRST "Covid- Ready Audiometer" which is a "Touch Free Audiometer" and very much needed in Covid times.
This Audiometer offers the flexibility of using it as a "Stand-Alone" mode or thru an Application compatible to work with any Android device i.e a Mobile phone or a Tablet OR any ios device be it a Apple phone or an iPad.
This offers the flexibility of completing the Audiometery test either Manually or in Automatic way (Hughson Westlake Method); all with just a touch on any Android or ios device.
The user has the choice to store the data locally on the device itself or sync it onto a central Cloud server and access it from anywhere and anytime

Awards & certificates

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Tarlochan Dev, Founder & Managing Director

A self-motivated, responsible, hardworking, extremely positive and honest individual, he is the driving force propelling Labat Asia to greater heights with his business development & customer relationship building expertise. He is a first-generation entrepreneur with more than three decade of experience in the healthcare & medical equipment industry. He is one of the select few with a true grasp of the fundamentals of the industry. With deep love towards mother nature, he protects the environment, plants trees, runs tree plantation drives, and even motivates people around to keep physically & mentally fit. He is also a cycling enthusiast.

The Team

Teamwork is an overarching goal of Labat. We believe that collective enthusiasm, motivation, and perseverance are the factors that separate success from failure. Among our diverse personnel and social responsibilities, there are teams that prove and promote this corporate goal. The team is shoulder-to-shoulder with the coach who counsels, educates, and sponsors the players. Labat prospers because of the synergism, our team-members individually and collectively provide, in building solidarity. We push each other to be better, tackling challenges together and finding new and better ways of doing things. We empower our team-members to create their own success. We believe in developing entrepreneurship in each one of them. This team always strive hard with the sole aim of rendering quality, fast & superior services to its customer with its “CUSTOMER FIRST” policy and work towards “CUSTOMER-DELIGHT” day-in and day-out.


We serve small and medium sized companies in all tech related industries with high quality growth services which are presented below


Research & Development

These accomplishments are made possible by its R&D department consisting of B.Tech & M.Tech engineers, who are spearheaded by a veteran with over 30 years of experience from all around the world (U.S., Singapore, Israel and Japan). Our R&D adopts a systematic 3-Dimensional approach of efficiency, reliability, & user convenience wherein the focus is on both ‘Product Innovation” as well “Process Innovation”. This takes Labat products to the next higher levels of performance and precision diagnosis. The diffusion of technological innovation puts Labat products into a category that is very stable in performance and at the same time very affordable making them real Value-for-Money solutions.

We also have deployed a team of experts to perfect the aesthetics and designs of the products as well, as we aim target the global markets soon.

Dependable After Sales Service

Again, in line with “Love towards mother nature and protecting the environment” Labat Asia has taken certain steps to reduce the travel of its service personnel. The whole aim to reduce the travel is to contribute towards reduction in carbon footprints.

The use of latest technologies and SMD Components with very low tolerance of 0.1 percent ensures very little chance of changing the working characteristics of any device we manufacture. This helps to avoid re-adjustments, frequent service/calibration visits.

We have our YouTube Channel for helping our customers in installation, learning operations of devices etc. These help our customers to understand each function of our devices in detail.

We also have a team to support our customers online with many screen share solutions available.


Above all, Labat Asia also has a dependable after sales service network spanning across every corner of India connected with a Toll- Free number. Labat’s calibration lab with sound proof room provides acoustically ideal environment for providing precision repairs, calibrations and quality checks before shipping any device to the customer. In order to provide even better services to its customers and to come closer to them; Labat Asia also has established two more service centres in East and South India. Labat Asia has its field staff posted in different locations of the country besides having full-fledged service centres at Mohali, Kolkata and Bangalore.
We have all the human resources and technological tools needed to be a master in our industry. This team always strive hard with the sole aim of rendering quality, fast & superior services to its customers with its CUSTOMER FIRST policy and always work towards CUSTOMER-DELIGHT day-in and day-out.



Labat’s innovative and state of the art products are complemented with precision accessories and high quality consumables such as 3A Inserts Phones, AABR Disposable Electrodes, Abrasive Gel, B71 BC Head Band, B71 BC Vibrator Cord, B71W BC Vibrator Cord, Conductive Gel, Tympanometer Ear Tips, etc. For more versatile and compelling situations in testing of children we also offer Visually Responsive Audiometer systems (VRA), Dual Channel ABR, Cochlear compatible ABR, Auditory Evoked Potential System with ASSR, ECochG, VEMP and Tympanometer with contra reflexes.

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